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October 5th A full house; thanks to all for a memorable evening. (click on pics for more pics)

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for the photos. 
Trevor & Simon
on sound.
Helen & Trish
front of house.

Alan Pettifer

Chris Smith

Keith Overton

Foxwillow Celia and Martin

Tony Batten

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Blackdown Hillbillies ( Alan Hooper, Stuart Gifford, Mike Fortune and Phil Knowles )

Solene and Seb Pollack 

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Good to see Alan Pettifer and Keith Overton back again, also a welcome return to Foxwillow. Some lovely singing from Solene and Seb. The Blackdown Hillbillies provided some good mountain music and Chris Smith sang two great songs. The feature spot from Alex Seel was outstanding and we hope to see him back again in the near future. With Bev & Giles on holiday the 'Little Silver Street Band' brought a truly amazing evening of music to a close. A brilliant night

Rag Mama Rag

Alex Seel