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Open mic 1

November 3rd a stellar evening of music from all the singers & musicians  (click pics for more)

Thanks to
Simon & Tim
for the photos. 
Trevor, Bev & Simon
on sound.
front of house.

John Middleton

Jess Morrell

John Hartoch

Border Tales (Trevor Jane Paul)

Silver Street Band (Andrew, Bev and Tony)

Seb Pollack

Fi Keene and Colin Weeks

Keith Ovenden

Tony Batten

Lionel Took & Malcolm

Another stunning evening of music from all our singers and musicians. Thanks also go to our great audience for their continuing support and encouragement. Particular thanks to Fox Willow, joined by Hazel on harp, for a brilliant guest spot. Thanks also to :- Fi Keene & Colin Weeks, Jess Morrell, John Middleton, Lionel Took and Malcolm, Seb Pollock, Silver Street Band, and Tony Batten. Welcome back to Border Tales and John Hartoch good to see them again. Nice singing and guitar from Keith Ovenden his first visit to Milverton, who enjoyed it so much he's back next month. See you all on Fri January 5th