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Open mic Feb

1st theme night of the year featured songs by Yousef/Cat Stevens  (click on the pics for much bigger pics)

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Trevor & Simon
on sound.
Trish & Denise
front of house.

Tony Batten

Cat Stevens

Elle Chaska

Nick Girone Maddocks

Bob Gallie

John Hartoch

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Our first theme night of the year featured many of our regular excellent players and singers. Our amazing audience enjoyed another brilliant evening and once more we were full. Not everyone sang a song by Cat Stevens but at least they included a reference in their song introductions although 'Shakin Stevens' was stretching things a bit. We look forward to seeing you in March for a bumper musical feast with: - Lionel Took, Rob West, Gordon Campbell, Jackie Macbeth, Peter Luke and Paul Haines, Paul Hampson, Qushma Ensemble, Chris Smith, Millie Elkiss, Chris, Paul and Roly ,The Silver Street Band.

Johnny Coppin