News 1

News 1

May 5th Spring is here and another brilliant evening thanks to all who played and sang (click pics for more)

Thanks to Trish
for the photos. 
Bev, Simon & Trev
on sound.
Denise, Helen & Trish
front of house.

Jules Reason

Tony Batten

Tony Kilshaw

Lionel Took

John Hartoch

John Middleton

Silver Street Band ( Andrew, Bev, Tone, Giles )

Foxwillow ( Celia and Martin )

Fi Keen & Colin Weeks

Possibly a theme night in July before our summer break. Rumours are it could be a Bob Dylan session. Bob can't be there but he says give it a go anyway.

Gabbi & Giles Newman Turner

Chris Smith with Giles on harp

Welcome to all our regular players Chris Smith, Lionel Took, Tony Batten, John Hartoch, Fi Keene & Colin. Welcome back to John Middleton, Foxwillow, Tony Kilshaw and Gabbi & Giles. Travelling up from Cornwall were Dave & Linda (Tin Taxi) who stopped for a couple of songs with us.  Hope they call again. An excellent spot and also welcome back to Jules Reason.

Tin Taxi ( Dave & Linda )