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Open mic 1

July 6th it's getting hotter and that's only the music at Milverton. (click pics for more pics)

Thanks to
for the photos. 
Bev & Trevor
on sound.
Denise & Trish
front of house.

Gabby & Giles

Trevor Lloyd and Amy Taras

Lionel Took

We enjoyed a lovely evening of music this month with Gabby and Giles as always encouraging us to sing. Giles was also the 'harp-man of the evening.
Trev escaped from the sound desk to play and also to accompany Amy, a visitor from Austin Texas.

Thanks also to Lionel, Tone and the Silver Street band.
Very special thanks to Colin, Dave & Keith; The boys from Melbourne Street for the guest spot. It was good to see them again and they were also excellent as always.

Trevor Lloyd

Tony Batten

Silver Street Band (Andrew, Bev, Tone & Giles)