Club News 1

Open mic 1

Sept 1st and full house after the summer break 90 + audience (click pics for more)

Thanks to Trish
for the photos. 
Bev & Simon
on sound.
Helen & Trish
front of house.

Chris Smith

Jess Morrell

John Middleton

Fi Keene and Colin Weeks

Aisha Bellamy

Blackdown Hillbillies ( Phil, Stuart, Alan and Mike )

Tony Batten

Digital Age Blues Band ( Robert, Peter and Sid )

Silver Street Band ( Andrew Bev &Tony ) Giles on hols

Perfect Curves

Thanks to our wonderful 90+ audience for your continuing support Welcome to all our regular players, Fi Keene & Colin Weeks, Chris Smith, Tony Batten. Lovely performance from Jess Morrell, her first time at the club.  Welcome back to John Middleton, Perfect Curves, The Digital Age Blues Band and nice to see Aisha back again after three years. The Blackdown Hillbillies have grown to a quartet since their last visit down from the mountains.
A fantastic evening of music from all our musicians and we look forward to seeing you all again on Friday October 6th.

Bob Gallie 2007

Bob Gallie 2011