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Clive Carroll played Milverton on October 19th 2018

Clive began his musical journey in Chelmsford, Essex.  His parents had a taste for American country and old time music and it wasn't long before Clive was playing in the family band on a homemade banjo.  By his early teens, guitar in hand, Clive was traversing the worlds of soul, pop, funk, and traditional Irish music. This breadth of musical curiosity was to become one of his strengths; even as a child Clive was as comfortable accompanying a group of folk singers as he was jamming along to Nirvana or performing standards with the Essex Youth Orchestra

Clive went on to earn a 1st Class Honours Degree in Composition and Guitar from the famed Trinity College of Music in London, all the while balancing his classical work with forays into the world of the steel string guitar.  By the time he graduated from Trinity, Clive had not only penned orchestral works, he had written an album's worth of solo acoustic guitar music. 

A chance meeting with English guitar legend John Renbourn proved the catalyst for Clive's debut album, "Sixth Sense", which Renbourn deemed "a milestone in the journey of the steel-string guitar".  He subsequently took Clive on the road with him and the pair toured North America and Europe together, launching Clive's solo performing career.

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To date, Clive has released four solo albums;

  • Sixth Sense
  • The Red Guitar
  • Life in Colour
  • The Furthest Tree

Clive has also written music for television and film.

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Clive has established himself as one of the world's premier acoustic guitar players.  He has toured across Europe, Australia, the Middle East and North America, garnering praise for his sublime performances of everything from 16th and 17th century lute music to Jazz standards, Blues, Irish reels and his own groundbreaking compositions.  Lauded guitarist Tommy Emmanuel has also taken Clive on the road, and similar nods to Clive's musicianship have been given by classical guitarist John Williams to Madonna.

We were thrilled to bring Clive back to Milverton. He's the most outstanding musician and brilliant performer. His pieces are interspersed with the most interesting and entertaining stories. This was an amazing evening playing to a packed house who rose as one to give him a standing ovation.

Clive Carroll

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