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Steve Knightley Songs and Stories tour played Milverton Music on 16th February 2018

Steve Knightley, played for us way back in May 2002 with Phil Beer as Show of hands and we've being trying to book him again ever since. He played an outstanding set which the packed house loved. We'll  book him again, sooner than 16 years this time.

This concert was a part of his highly anticipated 2018 solo tour 'Songs & Stories.
Multi-award-winning songwriter Steve Knightley invited his audience on a musical journey, charting the winding roads of his unrivalled career.
The Show of Hands frontman ("One of the great English bands" - Peter Gabriel) showcased a set-list peppered with classic gems such as 'Cousin Jack', 'AIG' and 'Country Life' with his inimitable passion and flair. It was also a rare glimpse into the personal playlist of a songwriting legend, Steve also paid tribute to some of his influences along the way, from Dylan to Radiohead.
A brilliant concert.