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Here are some musicians who have not played Milverton. Let us know if you have some music you'd like to share

A huge variety of music here from a wide range of musicians over very many years. We'd loved to have brought them to Milverton but never mind, sit back & enjoy. More soon.

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Nic Jones is a singer and musician whose career was cut short in 1982 by a very serious accident driving back from a gig. He did not play again until 2012 when he was encouraged by friends to go back on the road with his son Joseph, and Belinda O'Hooley. They played their final gig at Shrewsbury Folk Festival and we were also extremely privileged to see him live at the Village Pump Folk Festival.

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This is brilliant… and even without Covid 19 we couldn't fit 1000 musicians into the Victoria rooms. It's is a bit different to the usual music we bring you so just turn the volume to max, get out the air guitar and play along with the AC/DC track, "Highway to hell".


Silver Street Band

Bob Dylan rare footage from 1971. Spot the other two famous musicians in the band

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Wonderful  to hear this Sandy Denny 30 min session at the BBC. She was the voice of Fairport Convention at the beginning of the electric folk movement & also wrote some lovely songs.

Melrose Quartet

John Martyn OBE 1948-2009 A legendary musician and songwriter from the age of 17 who produced 23 albums.

Kitty Macfarlane

Stan Rogers 1949-83 Canadian singer & song writer and I love his music. This clip features one of his best known songs and a short bio,

What a song this still is. This film was shot a long time ago but so relevant  to these difficult times we are living through.

Joni Mitchell singing "Case of you" in 1983

We never did manage to book her!