Virtual Music club 10

Nick Girone Maddocks

Ian Muir

Five Furious Fish played the club in 25/05/01 and  Trowbridge festival in 2002
This old video also
includes :-

Firebrand, who is the singer?
Michael Chapman
Chris Newman & Maire Chathasaigh
Five Furious Fish
The Merv Grist Players
Croft No5
Tommy Emmanuel

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Martin Green 18/06/10

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Silver Street Band

Open mic 1

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Kat Jenkins

Open mic 3

The Old Spice Boys (Bev, Bill, Tony, Giles & Geoff 

Ninebarrow 20/04/18


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Melrose Quartet

Unlike a club night there is no time limit on the number of musicians we can listen to, so please keep sending links for music you'd like to share.

Kitty Macfarlane

John Hartoch

'No fixed abode' (Tony and Una)


The content continues to grow as you send us more links. Click on your chosen musician and have a listen. They have all played or will play at Milverton
either as guests (with dates) or on club nights. Some of the files have been recorded on phones at the club, at home, or at concerts, so the quality is live!!