Welcome to the Milverton Music links pages. Please click on the image and enjoy the music.  If you have some of your own music, or musicians or singers which you'd like to feature on our web site, please email us with the contact information.

Milverton Music Virtual club 1

Daoiri Farrell 16/04/21

Flook 18/06/21

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Silver Street Band

Bob Gallie

Melrose Quartet 06/12/19

Open mic 1

Silver Street Band

Open mic 2

Cara Dillon 16/10/20

Open mic 3


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Jim Crawford 04/12/15

Ninebarrow 20/04/18

Kitty Macfarlane 21/02/20

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Virtual Music Club

Melrose Quartet

Rory McCloud 21/06/13

Kitty Macfarlane

Steve Pledger

John Renbourne 18/2/05

Fox Willow ( Martin & Celia)

Clive Carroll 19/2/16


The content will grow as you send us more links. CLICK on your chosen musician and have a listen. They have all played or will play at Milverton Music Club either as guests (with dates) or on club nights. Some of the video files have been recorded on phones at the club or at concerts, so the quality is live!!